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Bio Enzymatic Technology for Biodiesel Production Advantages of technology

  • 1. Multi-Feedstock Capability
  • 2. Operates at 85F
  • 3. Continuous Operation & Remote Monitoring
  • 4. High Value, Clean Glycerol
  • 5. Reusable Catalyst
  • 6. Energy Efficient, Low temperature, low energy process
  • 7. No Caustic Catalysts or Strong Acids Required
  • 8. Lower Capital Investment
  • 9. Scale Neutral” – Works at Large of Small Scale
  • 10. Add to Existing Infrastructure
  • 11. Results in low FFA, dry feedstock ready for Transesterification
  • 12. Fully continuous
  • 13. Easy, low temperature system converts up to 100% FFA to less than 1% FFA
  • 14. Very low methanol use, no acidic methanol created.
  • 15. Low capital cost, same equipment also used as part of an enzymatic             biodiesel Transesterification system
  • 16. Creates 99.6% pure glycerin after moisture and methanol removal
  • 17. Eliminate Soap and Waste Water. No caustic catalysts and no soap formed,           reduces or eliminates water washing, ion exchange, and adsorbents.

Our Enzymatic Biodiesel production process is a fully automated, skid mounted, modular design, continuous production and easily integrated, which lowers manual labor cost. The Enzymatic process and its related technologies promotes better safety in the workplace with the elimination of high temperatures, toxic chemicals, VOC’s and pressures required in reactions. Our enzymatic biodiesel technology allows biodiesel producer the ability to use flexible feed stocks to help reduce operational cost and increase production.

Your plant to have simple turnkey Enzymatic biodiesel production. This process refers to the Enzymatic Esterification & Transesterification Processes. The byproducts produced are high quality glycerin and water. This enzymatic process can also be used for high FFA material reduction up to 100% with proved results that reduce FFA levels to less than 1 from any level of FFA with an operating temperature of ONLY 85 F. The ethanol requirement is less than 15% by weight for FFA reduction. Cost per gallon of production is right at Go Green bio energy. We have fully automated plants producing spec ASTM & EN biodiesel

The benefits of enzyme catalysts in the production of biodiesel have been known however, their adoption on a commercial scale has not been economically feasible due to their sensitivity to methanol and high temperature. Cheaper aqueous methanol or ethanol can be used with the same rate of conversion. The use of aqueous methanol is an added value and allows the process to be cheaper. In the enzymatic process, there is no soap & no caustic formation. Less than tenth of the energy consumed in the chemical process (one kWh per cubic meter) is required in the proposed enzymatic process. The enzyme provides plant flexibility and it allows expanding the feedstock selection to multi-functional plants working with cheaper feed stocks. True economic benefit of enzymes comes in their ability to handle a variety of inexpensive and high FFAs feed stocks such as brown grease, acid oils, used cooking oil, animal fat, etc.