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Supply Of Raw Materials Agreement

Citizencare Biofuel Power Projects Private Limited

  • In a mission to set up 1,00,000 TPD Biodiesel Plant across India
  • With a mission to create pollution free
  • 1.Jatropha Curcas (Asia)
  • 2.Rice Bran Oil
  • 3.Rubber Seed Oil
  • 4.Palm Oil (Malaysia)
  • 5.Cotton Seed Oil
  • 6.Rape Seed Oil
  • 7.Sunflower Oil (Italy and Southern France
  • 8.Soyabean Oil (USA)
  • 9.Castor Oil
  • 10.Used Vegetable Oil
  • 11.Animal fats/ Tallow
  • 12.Leman Grass

    What is Raw Materials Supply Agreement?:

    • Its an agreement between our Company and the Mini Plant Dealer in order to supply Raw Materials. Procurement of Raw Materials is main challenge for all Bio diesel manufacturers.
    • In order to come out of this challenge thrush – hold we have created a strong platform to Manufacturers to supply required Raw Materialscontinuously.

    Supply Of Raw Materials

    • We will supply RAW MATERIALS consciously to avail the stock of 15 days or 1 month.
    • The price of Raw Material will be par with present Market Price.
    • The supply of Raw Materials is against payments and no credit is available
    • The minimum period of agreement is for Eleven YEARS.